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SeaBritain 2005

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What is SeaBritain 2005?
A national maritime celebration with events throughout 2005 and beyond, SeaBritain 2005 celebrates the ways in which the sea touches our lives. Whether you live in a coastal town, the most landlocked part of the country or somewhere in-between – everyone can get involved.

What is the Trafalgar Festival?

At the heart of SeaBritain 2005 is the Trafalgar Festival, with year-round events to mark the 200th anniversary of Nelson's finest and last hour.


Events highlights

- Tall Ships Race - NewcastleGateshead ()

- The Trafalgar Tree-planting ()

- International Festival of the Sea ()

- The Thames Nelson Flotilla ()


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Design guidelines
Read the SeaBritain 2005 design guidelines for advice on your publications and download the logo.

SeaBritain 2005 newsletter
The second SeaBritain 2005 newsletter has been published

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