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What is SeaBritain 2005?

SeaBritain 2005 is a national maritime celebration on a grand scale. With festivities and events throughout 2005 and beyond, SeaBritain 2005 celebrates the ways in which the sea touches all of our lives. Whether you live in a coastal town, the most landlocked part of the country, or somewhere in-between – everyone can get involved.

At its heart is the Trafalgar Festival 2005, year-round celebrations of Nelson's finest and last hour, encompassing the Trafalgar Weekend of 21–23 October 2005.

See our downloadable information sheet for further details. (.pdf 206KB)

Partners and supporters

Many partners and supporters are joining to make SeaBritain 2005 a celebration to remember. Current partners include:

See Partners & people for more information.

SeaBritain 2005 events

2005 will be an exciting year. In addition to the sailing regattas and seaside events for which Britain is renowned, Portsmouth will host the International Festival of the Sea, 30 June–3 July 2005. There are other major maritime events being planned on Merseyside, the River Medway and NewcastleGateshead will be the only UK venue hosting the world-class Tall Ships Race 25–28 July 2005. London is planning to celebrate its unique maritime heritage by promoting the River Thames to visitors and Londoners alike.

The SeaBritain 2005 team

The team is based in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich and is working in close partnership with VisitBritain, The National Trust, Sea Vision UK, the Royal Yachting Association and Trinity House. See Partners & people for more information.

The Steering Group is led by David Quarmby CBE, former Chairman of the British Tourist Authority. Read the Chairman's welcome.

There will be a SeaBritain 2005 Council to offer advice and guidance. The council will consist of people and organizations representing many of the supporters of SeaBritain 2005.

SeaBritain 2005 is under the gracious Royal patronage of HRH The Duke of Edinburgh. HRH The Duke of York has kindly agreed to be patron of The Trafalgar Festival 2005.

The team's role

The team's role is to

Contact details

To lend your support, e-mail  the SeaBritain 2005 team at seabritain2005@nmm.ac.uk.

Visit the 'Contact us' page for a full list of contact details.

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