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Celebrity sea views
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Celebrity sea views
Chairman's welcome

Celebrity sea views

We've asked some well-known SeaBritain 2005 supporters to share their sea views with us.

What is your earliest memory of the sea?

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: Launching a raft made from an orange box during WWII and finding it sank beneath me. An early intro to Archimedes principles!

Peter Snow: Dinghy sailing as a small kid with my Dad in a small bay called Rosia in Gibraltar. Neither of us were any good, and we kept toppling the little boat but I loved it. My Dad used to take us to the beach as young boys and had a rather antisocial habit of building huge sandcastles, hollowing them out and lighting our rubbish inside them…beach volcanoes he called them.

What is your most memorable seaside or water-side experience?

Konnie Huq: Snorkelling and diving for the first time in clear water and seeing everything beneath the ocean's surface. 

David Dimbleby: The maiden voyage of my gaff-cutter from Falmouth to Dartmouth, where we were greeted with bunting and foghorns, prompting one neighbouring boat to ask if we had just come back from a circumnavigation.

What does the sea mean to you?

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston: Escape to freedom. But it was my livelihood for 16 years.

Konnie Huq: A whole other world.

Peter Snow: …I treat the sea as an avenue of opportunity… using the limitless access it gives us to all the loveliest spots in Europe and beyond. 

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